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Reverse Osmosis Undersink Drinking Water Filter System 50 GPD pumped - Water Filter Men

    Reverse Osmosis Undersink Drinking Water Filter System 50 GPD pumped

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     5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System 50gpd

    At present, reverse osmosis is the best method to produce pure water via a physical system (without using chemical products). Removes THMs Trihalomethanes from your drinking water.
    The water enters the system then goes through the sediment PP 5micron water filter cartridge which is stage 1.  
    Then the water goes through an activated carbon filter and then a carbon block filter.
    In this phase of filtration the particles in suspension, the chlorine, its derivatives and other organic substances are retained.  The water, after leaving the initial 3 filter filtration phase, is pushed towards the reverse osmosis membrane via the pump (only in the PROLINE PLUS PUMP).
    The purified water is produced via this membrane and you will always have a minimum of 8 litres available in the pressure tank at any one time. A final rinse through an inline taste and odour filter adds that final cleansing to ensure the highest quality and tasting water for you and your family to enjoy.
    • It is a physical system that does not use or add chemical products to the water.
    • Provides high quality water.
    • Ensures high production.
    • Has low maintenance costs.
    • Comfortable and easy installation.
    Model: Proline Plus (top of range Model)
    Daily Capacity: 50gpd
    Stage 1 - 10" PP Sediment Spun
    Stage 2 - 10" Carbon Block
    Stage 3 - 10" Granular Activated Carbon
    Stage 4 - 50 gpd Reverse Osmosis Membrane
    Stage 5 - Inline Taste and Odour Filter
    Other parts include: Saddle Feed water connector , 1/4" ldpe tubing, system bracket with all housings, filters, switches and valves , Proline Pump, filter tap and housing spanner.
    NB - Self piercing saddle valve sent as standard.   If you have not got copper pipe as your incoming cold water supply undersink we can send a 1/2" or 3/4" plumbing fitting instead on request only.
    Removes THMs Trihalomethanes from your drinking water.
    Installation: PDF Manual 'Proline_Plus.pdf'included in folder should be available for download.


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