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Reverse Osmosis TDS Handheld Digital Meter Water Tester - Water Filter Men

    Reverse Osmosis TDS Handheld Digital Meter Water Tester

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    Used for domestic reverse osmosis systems, aquarium or water fed pole users and other systems to ensure accurate water quality hardness. It calculates hardness or total dissolved solids reading of the water.

    Dip the TDS meter down to the indicanted pointer level into a water sample.  The meter will give you a digital reading in PPM (Parts per million) of the total dissolved solids in the water. The higher the reading, the harder the water.
    0-10 reading is very low.   TDS reading which is achieved through use of reverse osmosis filtration and also sometimes in addition to a De-ionisation stage (which will get the reading down to zero). This meter can then be used to find out when the filters and / or resin needs
    to be changed. 
    Portable digital ppm meter from 0 to 9990.
    Factory Calibrated.
    1000 hours battery life.


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