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Replacement Shower Filter Cartridge 2 pack (1 Years Supply) - Water Filter Men

    Replacement Shower Filter Cartridge 2 pack (1 Years Supply)

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    Product Name: Shower Filter Replacement KDF Cartridge 2 Pack (1 years supply)

    This KDF shower filter cartridge fits our inline shower filter. 

    Drastically Reduce Lime, remove chlorine , dust and other particles from the water coming
    from your shower hence improving your skin and hair quality when inserted inside our
    shower filter. (see our site for the shower filter that this goes inside)

    Effectively and efficiently remove chlorine from your shower water.

    Unscrew your inline shower filter and remove your old cartridge, then place this
    new replacement cartridge inside. Ensure the rubber 'o' ring is correctly in place
    and then screw the shower filter closed. Tighten and reinstall.

    Media: KDF / GAC Carbon
    Lifespane: 6 month max. per cartridge (2 pack = 1 years supply)
    Height - 3.25" APPROX.
    Diameter - 2.25" APPROX.



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