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NW16 Replacement Filter Set - Water Filter Men

    NW16 Replacement Filter Set

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    NW16 replacement filter set used for drinking water filtering under sink.
    The NW16 undersink drinking water filter system  replacement filter set has 3 stages of water filtration which drastically reduces the following from your drinking water:
    Stage 1 5 micron Sediment Filter - reduces sediment, lime, dirt, rust and visible particles down to 5 micron.
    Stage 2 Granular Activated Carbon Filter - reduces bleaching agents, pesticides, odour, colour and toxins, also drastically reducing chlorine giving you beautifully filtered water from your kitchen tap.
    Stage 3 Carbon Block Filter - reduces chlorine, organic contaminants, pesticides and other toxins.


    Media: PP Spun Cartridge
    Cartridge Dimensions: Approx. 10" x 2.5"
    Media: Highest available grade of Carbon Block
    Cartridge Dimensions: Approx. 10" x 2.5"
    Media: Granular Activated Carbon 
    Cartridge Dimensions: Approx. 10" x 2.5"
    Lifespan of the 3 filters: 6 months 


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