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6 Stage Reverse Osmosis Replacement Set with Mineral Filter option 1

    6 Stage Reverse Osmosis Replacement Set with Mineral Filter option 1

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    Replaces all 6 filter stages on your 50gpd Reverse Osmosis System fits Ecosoft, Stella, Aquasoft, Aquaeuro, Purepro and Eco RO.

    Stage 1 - 10" PP Sediment Spun 5 micron (For Removal of sediment, dirt, rust, particles down to 5 micron)
    Stage 2 - 10" Granular Activated Carbon (For removal of chlorine, tastes and odours)
    Satge 3 - 10" Carbon Block (For removal of heavy metals and organic contaminants)
    Stage 4 - 50 GPD Reverse Osmosis Membrane Filter (Greater than 97.8% removal of all known contaminants)
    Stage 5 - Inline Taste and Odour Water Filter Cartridge 
    Stage 6 - Mineral filter to add beneficial minerals back into your water
    Universally sized 10" water filter cartridges which fit ALL standard 10" filter housings in all standard 50gpd Reverse Osmosis Systems.
    If you are adding a mineral filter for the first time you will also need to purchase 2 fittings in the link below. These fittings can be used time and time again for future filter changes.
    Sediment: PP 5micron Rating Spun Cartridge, 10" x 2.75"
    Carbon Block: Highest available grade of carbon block, 10" x 2.75"
    GAC: Granular Activated Carbon, 10" x 2.75"
    Reverse Osmosis Membrane: 50gpd Capacity; 0.005 Micron filtration
    Inline Taste and Odour, ports female 1/4" , 10" x 2"
    Mineral filter adds beneficial minerals back into your drinking water ports female 1/4" , 10" x 2"


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