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    20" Jumbo Pleated Washable Reusable Water Filter Cartridge

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    Choose your micron rating from 1mic , 5mic or 50mic.
    (lower the micron the lower the sediment size removed ,
    if using multiple stages , start with a higher micron down to a lower micron)

    Fits all 20" JUMBO Filter Housings.
    Prefilter for Rainwater Harvesting Systems , Well Water filter , Swimming pools , WVO Bio Diesel Filtering
    Pleated Cartridge can be washed down and reinserted into the housing to be used a number
    of times subject to water quality.

    Used as first stage for filtering heavy sediment ,muck and visible particles.
    20" JUMBO Pleated Washable Water Filter Cartridge (For Removal of sediment , muck and visible particles).
    20" JUMBO Housings available that house this filter on our site.

    Due to its larger surface area this 20" JUMBO Pleated Washable Water Filter Cartridge
     allows for much greater and efficient filtration than 10" or 20" Pleated Washable
    Water Filter Cartridges.

    Media: Pleated Cartridge
    Cartridge Dimensions: Approx. 20" x 4.5"
    Micron: Choice of 1mic,5mic or 50mic




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