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          If you want to have clean, crystal clear water available throughout your home all the time, then check out our selection of inline water filters below. These are perfect for use in your reverse osmosis water filter system or a home appliance such as a washing machine or dishwasher.

          Choose from an extensive selection of inline water filters at remarkably low prices – whether you need a push-fit or screw-in filter, we’re sure to have one that corresponds with the fitting you need.

          About our inline water filters

          Our inline water filters take their supply from the cold-water pipe and run the water through the system into your tap. The systems come with a separate tap or, if you prefer, you can connect it to a three-way tap which combines hot, cold and filtered water through one output.

          Inline water filters do not produce any waste water during filtration, leaving you with an optimum quality of drinking water that has been cleansed of any chemicals, bacteria or viruses which may have lingered in it previously. They offer the highest standards of purification and give you the cleanest, tastiest drinking water you could possibly imagine.

          We know how important it is for you to have pure, clean drinking water at home, so any inline water filter we stock is rigorously tested and meets all quality standards. Browse the full range below.

          Choose from a superb selection of inline water filters.

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